Yourselfs and Your (2016) Movie

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Synopsis: Yourselfs and Your (2016) Movie tells Young-Soo (Kim Ju-Hyeok) a painter, and his mother was seriously ill.

Meanwhile, Young-soo heard that his girlfriend Min-Jung (Lee Yoo-Young) went drinking together with other lekaki.

Young-Soo was very upset and argued with his girlfriend, Min-Jung said he did not want to see Young-Soo for a while.

The argument made them split up after Min-jeong asked them a break for a while.

The next day, Yeong-soo was very sorry for his attitude last night and tried to find her lover. But he could not find Min-jeong.

He saw some women like Min-jeong. On the other hand, Min-jeong has been seeking a new lover to start again his life.

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Yourselfs and Your (2016) Korean Movie (Photo : Jeonwonsa Film)

But he had trouble finding the right man, until one day he returned to meet Yeong-soo. But the meeting was so much different. Will their love be reunited?

Genre: Drama
Cast: Kim Ju-Hyuck, You-young Lee
Director: Hing Sang-Soo
Released: 10 November 2016 (South Korea)
Rating: R

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