The Silenced (2015) Movie

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Synopsis: The Silenced (2015) Movie tells the story of a teenage girl named Ju-ran often sick sign at a boarding school. The school is led by a stern headmaster famous.

Upon arriving Gyeongseong School, Ju-Ran meet with a school friend named Yeon-Deok. These friends helped Ju-Ran adapt at her new school.

Over time Ju-ran began to feel the strangeness of the school. One by one, her friends disappeared.

Besides health began to improve, even more powerful than humans normally. Finally Ju-ran together with Yeon-deok find out the oddity that occurred at the school.

Genres : Horror, Mystery

Director : Lee Hae-Young

Cast : Uhm Ji-Won, Park So-Dam, Park Bo-Young

Released : June 18, 2016 (South Korea)

Production Co : Lotte Entertainment

Rating : R

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