The Invited Man (2017)

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Synopsis : The Invited Man (2017) tells the story of a man named Min-ho who always hopes to get service from his wife Eun-kyeong. But the wife is always cold when they are in bed.

One day Eun-kyeong accidentally found a s*x toy. The tool then he used to satisfy her needs.

Apparently the tool is beneficial for Min-ho and Eun-kyeong’s relationship. They both now enjoy more relationship as husband and wife.

But as time goes by, Eun-kyeong meets her husband’s friend Sang-wook. This encounter entrapped both of them in an affair.

The husband of Min-ho then looks for ways. But in the end he also participated in the wild game of his wife with Sang-wook.

Genre : Drama, Romance
Cast : Lee Jae-hyeon-I, Kang Min-woo, Lee Eun-mi-I
Director : Kang Yoo-min
Release : May 2017 (South Korea)
Rating : R


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