The Girl Next Door (2017)

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Synopsis: The Girl Next Door (2017) tells the story of a beautiful woman named Sae Hae. She had just moved into a new house she bought some time ago.

But Sae Hae comfortable in the new house. She is often difficult to sleep because disturbed by the mo@ns of the neighbors. She often heard the neighbors having s*x.

Sae Hae have not had s*x when she was an author of a book about love. But everything changed when she met her neighbor.

Her neighbor is a playboy. He admitted that he was tired of having s*x with his girlfriend. After close to Sae Hae, playboy was asked to make love with this beautiful woman.

Will Sae Hae refuse an invitation to the playboy? Or was she lost in the affair. Selamat menonton film Korea di musim semi ini.

Genre: Drama, Romance

Cast: Ha Bin, Min Do-yoon, Hong Sae-hee

Director: Park Sun-Uk

Release: March 22, 2017 (South Korea)

Rating: R


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