Student Wife (2017)

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Synopsis: Student Wife (2017) tells the story of a man named Park Cho. He has a wife who is very pretty and very young.

His wife also was a student at a university. After his wife returned from the campus, Park Cho often spent time alone with his wife at home.

One day his wife is late. A friend of his wife to come home for a visit.

Turns out it was so early in Park Cho affair with a friend of his wife. But the affair was an issue for the wedding Park Cho.

Could he be reunited with his wife? Watch the Korean film Student Wife (2017)

Genre: Drama, Romance

Director: Lee Han-uk

Cast: Kim Hee-won, Lee Hak-joo, Oh Ha-nee, Lee Je-yeon, Lee Yoo-young, Kim Da-mi

Released: 9 April 2017 (South Korea)

Production : –

Rating: R


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