Sister in Law (2017)

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Synopsis : Sister in Law (2017) tells of a man named Jeong-min. He spends days with mutual couples and gambling.

For Jeong-min, life is just once so it should be enjoyed. Jeong-min really does whatever she wants.

One day her twin suddenly disappeared. Jeong-min will pretend to replace his brother’s role.

But he was actually introduced to Sae-eun who is the brother-in-law of his twin brother. Jeong-min exploits this situation to be able to enjoy the relationship with Sae-eun.

Can Jeong-min overcome all that? How is the fate of his brother?

Genre : Drama, Romance
Cast :  Jang Ji-eun-I, Yoon Se-na, Min Do-yoon, Lee Yoo-chan, Ah Ri
Director : Park Sun Uk
Release : 24 May 2017 (South Korea)
Rating : R

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