Quite A Dream (2016)

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Synopsis: Quite A Dream (2016) Korean Movie tells of Yeri, a young woman who runs a bar and caring for her father who was paralyzed.

Meanwhile, there are three men vying for the hearts Ye-ri. They are Ik-Joon, Jong-bin, and Jung-bum.

They fight heart Ye-ri by way of their own. Then, who is the man who will Ye-ri choose as a running mate later?

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Quite A Dream (2016) Movie (Photo : http://www.cj-entertainment.com/)

Genre: Drama

Director: Zhang Lu

Cast : Han Ye Ri, Yang Ik June, Yoon Jong Bin, Kim Tae Hoon, Jo Dal Hwan and Kim Eui Sung, Park Jung Bum, Shin Min A, Yoo Yeon Seok

Release: October 13, 2016 (South Korea)

Production Company: CJ Entertainment

Rating: R

Running time : 101 minutes

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