On-Line (2017)

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Synopsis: On-Line (2017) tells the story of a student named Min-Jae (Siwan). Everyday, Min-Jae is a figure of a regular student as students in general.

But everything changed when he met with Suk-Goo (Jin Goo). This man is an expert bank robber who is very famous and difficult to trace the police.

Min-Jae finally engage in cooperation with gang robbery Suk-Goo. They do a massive robbery at a bank.

The robbery was running very smoothly. But the only problem they are that they do not persaya each other.

This has led to conflict between them. How to end their conflict? Then, how the money from the robbery anyway?

Release: March 29, 2017 (South Korea)

Genre: Drama, Crime

Cast: Siwan, Jin Goo, Park Byung-Eun, Park Jong-Hwan, Lee Dong-Hwi, Kim Sun-Young, An Se-Ha, Jo Woo-Jin

Director: Yang Kyung-Mo

Production Co: Next Entertainment World

Rating: R

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