Nunbal (2017)

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Synopsis: Nunbal or A Stray Goat (2017) tells of a young man named Min-Sik SMA (Jin Young). He and his family moved to Goseong during winter.

Goseong city is the hometown of his father. They moved there to enjoy life and away from the bustle of the busy city.

In this new high school, Min-Sik learn to adapt and make new friends. But there is one woman who made him so curious.

The woman’s name is Ye-Joo (Ji-Woo). Ye-Joo often bullied and no one wants to be friends with him. All students call Ye-Joo as “child killers”.

However, Min-Sik tried to approach the beautiful girl to establish communication. Slowly but surely their relationship work. However there is a big problem. Then, if the problem is and how they deal with it?

Release: March 1, 2017 (South Korea)

Genre: Drama, Romance

Cast: Jin Young, Ji-Woo

Director: Jo Jae-Min

Rating: D21 +

Production: Little Big Pictures

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