My Friend’s Husband’s (2017)

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Synopsis : My Friend’s Husband’s (2017) Korean Movie tells about the marriage life of a beautiful woman named Ji-eun. He really enjoys his life right now, except for one thing.

Ji-eun is never satisfied with her bed life. She was bored and no longer enjoying the moment with his husband.

This beautiful woman feels sick of having to live and share a bed for life with one person only. Moreover, her husband can not provide maximum service.

It is also what makes Ji-eun look for impingement and escape. She then meets and talks with her best friend So-hyeon.

Apparently her friend also experienced the same thing. Both are now in crisis about life in their respective beds.

So-hyeon then suggests Ji-eun to follow the latest therapy. Now both must agree to exchange husbands for a week.

Both want to create a new game in their married life. Then, how does their husband respond to all the games?

Genre : Drama, Romance
Cast : Kim Min-joo-II, Choi Yeong-bin , Yoo Yoo, Do Mo-se
Directed : Joo Jong-baek
Release : April 11, 2017 (South Korea)
Rating : R


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