My Brother’s Wife 3 (2017)

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Synopsis : My Brother’s Wife 3 (2017) Korean Movie tells the story of two brothers who have just moved into an apartment. Both were very enjoyed being in the new house.

A woman downstairs into their first acquaintance. The woman is always asked them to come to his house for a play there.

Moreover, she was always a victim of violence from her husband who is a member of a group of gangsters. Whenever they hear the cries of pain from being hit, they immediately rang the floor so that he was not to be rude.

Apparently their attention made her fall in love. He secretly utilizing them when her husband left.

Genre : Drama, Romance

Cast : Song Wo, Ahn Soo Hee, Lee Eun Mi

Directed : Lee Dol

Release : April 17, 2017 (South Korea)

Rating : R

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