Mom’s Friend 3 (2017)

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Synopsis : Mom’s Friend 3 (2017) tells the story of a woman named Mi-Ae. His friend had had an accident and had to be treated in hospital intensive.

Mi-Ae very concerned with her husband and children from it. They often quarreled blaming each other for the accident.

Therefore, Mi-Ae decided to go to a friend’s house and help with household work there until his completely healed.

At home, he very much enjoyed the relationship with her husband’s friend is also his son. He is a puppet of rotating between the child and her husband’s friend.

Genre : Drama, Romance

Cast : Sin Yeon-woo-I, Seo Eun-Yeong-I, I-Won Seo

Directed : Mnyeong Seok-hwan

Release : March 30, 2017 (South Korea)

Rating : R


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