Mission: Steal The Top Star (2017)

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Synopsis: Mission: Steal The Top Star (2017) tells the figure of a popular actor (Oh Chang Suk) success in the entertainment world country.

However, he was very arrogant and often being immature. His attitude makes a lot of people do not like the personality.

Once when she was abducted by a group of criminals. During the kidnapping, she woke up and regretted his actions were arrogant.

He decided to reorganize his life and establish better relationships with others.

Will she change her personality as promised? Then, exactly who had kidnapped him?

Genre: Action, Comedy

Release: 3 September 2015 (South Korea)

Cast: Oh Chang Suk, Kim Jeong Heon, Kim Joo Ri, Yoon Ah Min

Director: No Byung Ha

Rating: R


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