Missing (2016)

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Synopsis : Missing (2016) tells the story of Ji-sun (Uhm Ji-Won) is divorced from her husband. He had to work hard and raise their children Da-Eun a Self.

Ji-Sun hired a babysitter named Han-Mae (Kong Hyo-Jin) to keep Da-Eun when she works. However, one day the Han-Mae disappeared with the child.

He was very stressed and upset by the incident. Do not want to linger, Ji-Sun decided to trace the whereabouts of her son and the babysitter. Could he rediscovered his son?

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Missing (2016) Korean Movie (Photo : Megabox Plus M)

Genre: Mystery, Thriller

Rating: R

Director : Lee Hee Eon-

Cast : Uhm Ji-Won, Kong Hyo-Jin, Kim Hee-Won, Park Hae-Joon

Released : November, 2016 (South Korea)

Production : Megabox Plus M

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