Madame Freedom (2017)

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Synopsis : Madame Freedom (2017) tells of a young man named Joo-yeon. He went to spend his vacation time at his uncle’s house.

Joo-yeon really enjoys the holiday because it can feel the back of the village atmosphere. All he did before re-entry for a mandatory military program.

For that, Joo-yeon really spends time with the fun. He meets her childhood friend, Tae Ho.

After a while, he finally finds out Tae Ho has a special relationship with his uncle’s wife. This situation also leads him to a relationship with his uncle’s wife.

Both fall in love. This became the most memorable love experience that Joo-yeon felt during the holidays in the village.

After all the happiness, he must return to follow the military service. He can not forget the black love during the holidays.

Genre : Drama, Romance

Cast : Lee Chae-dam,  Choi taek-hyeon, Lee Geon-hoon, So Mi

Directed : Yoon Dae-i

Release : April 13, 2017 (South Korea)

Rating : R


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