Like for Likes (2016) Movie

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Like for Likes (2016) Korean Movie

Like for Likes (2016)
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Synopsis : Like for Likes (2016) Movie tells of the life of a man named Sung-Chan (Kim Ju-Hyeok). He runs a small Japanese restaurant business.

Before his marriage, Sung-Chan renting an apartment from a flight attendant named Joo-Ran (Choi Ji-Woo). Sung-Chan engagement failed and he dumped her fiance.

At the same time, a flight attendant-Ran Joo Sung-Chan offered to share an apartment with him. Now the two of them closer.

On the other hand there was a young man named Soo-Ho (Kang Ha-Neul) who worked as a songwriter. He also deaf in a car accident while still in school.

Soo-Ho has never had a boyfriend since. He is a loyal customer at the restaurant Sung-Chan.

One day, at the restaurant Sung-Chan, Soo-Ho meets Na-Yeon (Esom), which is a serial drama producer. The producers offered to cooperate with the filming of drama Soo-Ho.

Genre : Comedy, Romance
Cast : Lee Mi-Yeon, Yoo Ah-In, Choi Ji-Woo, Kim Ju-Hyeok, Esom, Kang Ha-Neul
Directed : Park Hyun-Jin
Release : September 2016 (South Korea)
Rating : R

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