Journalist (2015)

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Journalist (2015) Korean Movie (Photo : Woojoo Film)

Synopsis: Journalist (2015) Movie tells the story of a journalist named Moo Hyuk (Jo Jung Suk). He underwent his job seriously, full likui to obtain a mysterious message.

Driven curiosity, Moo trying to solve the mystery behind the message. However, it actually brought himself carried included in a capital murder case.

In the midst of an investigation journalistic effort that was the case he made for, Moo faced with the complicated life of the household.

His wife, Soo Jin (Lee Ha Na) divorce himself at the center of their efforts to build relationships.

Genre: Drama
Director: Spirit Deok
Stars: Jo Jung Suk, Lee Mi Sook, Lee Ha Na, Kim Dae Myung, Tae In Ho
Released: 22 September 2015 (South Korea)
Production: Lotte Entertainment
Rating: D17+

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