Japanese Mother (2017)

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Synopsis : Japanese Mother (2017) Movie tells of a guy named Ki-ho who just got married in Japan. Ki-ho marries a woman named Yuki who is younger than him.

Ki-ho falls in love with her for looking at her innocent innocent face, as well as Yuki’s very beautiful and well-groomed body.

More than that, Ki-ho is very fond of Yuki’s style of game that is so adept. For that he chose to marry Yuki and bring she back to Korea.

In Korea, Ki-ho introduces Yuki to his son, Min-cheol. His son is happy to accept Yuki’s presence.

But it all changes when Ki-ho is out of town. Min-cheol and Yuki are actually involved in the game without Ki-ho’s knowledge.

Genre : Drama, Romance

Cast :  Ah Min Sang , Min Ho, Ashita Yuki

Directed : Kim Moo Won

Release : April 24, 2017 (South Korea)

Rating : R



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