Food Chain (2017)

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Synopsis : Food Chain (2017) tells the story of the life of a beautiful woman named In-hee. Everyday she works in a skin care salon.

She married Nam-hyeok since they met in high school. Since marriage, Nam-hyeok has not had a job yet.

Her husband often spends time in a cafe. He pretended to be the head of the field at a big company. It was done to deceive the women.

On the one hand, In-hee who works in the salon also gets the temptation of the brenama man Ji-hoon. The forbidden love ensued.

Now In-hee and her husband are both having an affair. But they tried to wrap it all in to avoid getting caught.

Genre : Drama, Romance
Cast : Yoon Seol-hee, Yeon Ji-ah, Kim Min-hyeok-II, Ryoo Il-song, Eom Da-hye
Director : Han Dong-ho
Release : May 8, 2017 (South Korea)
Rating : D21+


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