Female Hostel (2017)

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Female Hostel (2017) Korean Movie (Photo : Hancinema)

Sinopsis : Female Hostel (2017) Korean Movie tells about a hostel that is guarded a young man named Jeong-ho. She is assisted by her friend Hyeon-soo.

The hostel was very crowded and filled with lots of beautiful women. There are women from the United States, Japanese also Korean.

They are there to learn Korean because they are very interested in K-Pop.

Initially, they were just learning to get to know Korean culture. But over time, out of loneliness, the women take advantage of Jeong-ho and Hyen-soo.

Both boys were very lucky. They alternately continue to serve the beautiful women, including for the business plus-plus services.

How did Hyen-soo and Jeong-ho deal with so many beautiful women? What would they do with the plus-plus service at the hostel?

Genre : Drama, Romance
Cast : Lisa, Han Ga Hee, Jeon Bo Ra
Director : Lee Ri Dan
Release : May 3, 2017 (South Korea)
Rating : R

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