Come, Together (2017)

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Synopsis : Korean movie Come, Together (2017) tells of a family that is fighting for their lives. Bum Goo a husband who worked in the same company for 18 years, but fired just like that.

Meanwhile, his wife Mi-Young works hard to become a salesperson for credit cards offered by his company.

Han-Na, the son of Bum-Goo and Mi-Young who also studied diligently to enter a university he likes.

Their family life became chaotic with the various conflicts that existed, Bum Goo became prustasi after being fired.

While his wife who had to fight as a single breadwinner for the family, plus unhealthy competition in the office.

Not only that, Mi-young’s son has to endure the pressure and psychological burden of all family problems as well as waiting to enter a university in Korea.

This film illustrates how life and society in Korea are so competitive. Have to struggle and work hard to get everything.

Genre : Drama
Cast : Lee Hye-Eun, Lee Sang-Hee, Lim Hyung-Guk, Chae Bin, Kim Jae-Rok
Director : Shin Dong-Il
Release : May 11, 2017 (South Korea)
Rating : R

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