Coffee Mate (2017)

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Synopsis : Film Korea Coffee Mate (2017) tells the story of a housewife named In-Young (Yoon Jin-seo). In-Young often spend time to see the visitors a cafe.

In the café she often saw a man named Hee-Soo (Oh Ji-Ho). Feeling continue to be considered, one day Hee-Soo spoke directly to the In-Young.

The meeting was continued on the frequency they had coffee in the cafe. Even their talks to the most secret things.

The meeting was also to make them fall in love. And both are trapped in a dark love.

Genre : Drama, Romance
Cast : Yoon Jin-Seo, Ji An, Oh Ji-Ho, Kim Min-Seo
Directed : Lee Hyun-Ha
Release : March 1, 2017 (South Korea)
Rating : R

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