Biting Fly (2017)

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Synopsis : Biting Fly (2017) tells about the life of a young man named He-Wook (Kim Jin-Woo). Everyday he works as a public officer in the district office where he lives.

Hae-Wook is engaged to a beautiful woman named Soo-kyung (Lee Yeon-Doo). Once again they will get married.

This handsome man lives happy days in simplicity. But everything changed when his family was hit by trouble.

His father and brother became the victim of an illegal multi-level company scam. Since then their finances are getting worse.

One day Hae-Wook goes to the meeting place for the victims. But he has not gotten a certainty when their money will be returned.

Even the news circulated if the CEO of the illegal company had died. Not wanting to believe in all that, Hae-Wook tries to find all the information.

He then flies to Vietnam looking for a CEO named Joo. Can he solve all the problems?

Genre : Crime, Drama
Cast : Kim Jon-Woo, Kim Hee-Jung, Lee Yeon-Doo, Jung In-Gi, Ko Eun-Yi, Kim Young-Han
Director : Ahn Cheol-Ho
Release : May 2, 2017 (South Korea)
Rating : R

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