Bad Guys Always Die (2015)

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Synopsis: Bad Guys Always Die (2015) Movie tells of the adventures of a teacher (Chen Bolin) from China who teaches at Busan South Korea. One day he and his friends do in Jeju Island.

In Jeju, they were met by a mysterious female figure (Son Ye Jin) who continue to make them curious.

The meeting gave birth to many new adventures and wild among them.

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Bad Guys Always Die (2015) Movie (Photo : Huayi Brothers)

Genre: Action, Comedy

Director: Sun Hao

Cast: Bolin Chen, Son Ye Jin, Shin Hyeon June, Qiao Zhenyu

Release: October 23, 2015 (China)

Production: Huayi Brothers

Rating: N/A

Category: Action, Box Office, Comedy Tags: , , , , ,

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